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Welcome by Bogdan Canda

bogdan (R2C)Welcome

This is a place of inspiration, for seekers, for efficiency evangelists and for all those who do not want to waste life. Not their own lives. Not the lives of other people. No life at all.

This is a place for everybody, regardless of her or his world view. This is a place for people who are doing serious work on themselves and on their constitution.

This is a place which calls to action. A place which reminds you to live your life consciously: to respect life – always and everywhere, both in your private and business life.

This place does not teach you the right direction in life. This is something that only you, personally, can answer for the very simple reason of you being something unique.


Whoever is on the quest for oneself should not ask others the way. – Paul Watzlawick


The Primary Task of route-to-change is to help you become a more efficient human being in the major aspects of your life. A better parent, partner, student, team member, leader, teacher, professional; to become better for your family, for society, for the environment, for your own health, at your job, at sports, at your passions, at your own values or whatever you choose to be or do in life.

Put a smile on your face, breath deeply and enjoy the discovery of this place. This is a place for the ever learning, ever curious ones who have the courage to be critical with themselves and with the establishment. It is a place of warmth and expertise, of trust and respect.

You are very welcome!