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VUCA existiert nur in Ihrem Kopf
Coaching, Leadership, Reflections

VUCA existiert nur in Ihrem Kopf

Würden Sie sich vorstellen, dass das Ego sich alleine vor Gericht verantworten würde anstatt seines Besitzers?

Eine absurde Vorstellung, nicht wahr? Nicht das Ego ist schuld daran wenn etwas falsch läuft, sondern sein Besitzer.

Man zieht zu leicht VUCA – volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity – und das Ego als Entschuldigung heran wenn man versagt. Und weil uns selber das Gleiche andauernd passiert, gehen wir tolerant bei Anderen damit um. Das Verhalten ist am Ende schlicht und einfach eine gesellschaftlich akzeptierte Lüge.

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Respect yourself foremost
Coaching, Reflections

Respect yourself foremost

While building the knowledge society, we realized that the human element is the most important component, which means we need a new kind of leadership. We have already begun.

The question I ask myself is:
What is the responsibility of the individual, the “knowing agent?”

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Coaching, Efficiency

Rowing efficiency – an inspiration


What does a stroke of the oars have to do with efficiency?

A rowing stroke is a rhythmically repeated movement process, characterized by dipping, pulling and lifting of the rudder.

At what point of this three-stage process is the boat moving the fastest? Please think for a few seconds.

This is what I often ask my clients in the water, and the following explanation always brings a lot of clarity about the effectiveness within a team structure, respectively about the boat speed (= SUCCESS).

The boat is actually the fastest just before the rudder blades are put back into the water for the next oar stroke. From this fact, we come to interesting conclusions that can also apply to business:

  • The boat is fastest when it is NOT actively driven forward.
  • A high effort only makes sense when it is combined with a conscious resting phase without active use of force.
  • An accelerating movement in the front with the motivation to increase the boat speed leads to the contrary.

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