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Johan Kegler

Johan Kegler

I believe that learning and performance are always an individual and non-linear process.

Especially in education, we still have a system from the early 20th century, and it is obvious that approaches of linearity and homogeneity can’t meet the challenges of a fast-changing environment.

I follow two paths and passions:

With OceanCollege, I want to give young people the possibility to discover themselves in a real challenging setting. By integrating theory into practice on the Atlantic Ocean, students will know themselves in an environment of honest feedback.

With my rowing courses, I want to unite individual personalities in a journey to greater success.


Mobil:   +49 170 56 21 397
Büro:    +49 30 525 422 88



OceanCollege GmbH
Niersteiner Str. 6 I 14193 Berlin